Rowdy Space is an online boutique for quality framed and mounted prints and interior designs.

Originally located in the artistic hub of Brighton, spanning across Sussex, shipping worldwide, Rowdy Space creates modern art for stylish interiors. Drawing inspiration from various graphic principles, our approach to design is an inspired fusion of Pop Modernism and breezy retro flair. With experience rooted in graphic and interior design, our portfolio encompasses abstract, geometric, illustrative and scenic art.

We have the vision to create impressive yet affordable art in a variety of media for both living and workspaces, including statement pieces for single rooms and office foyers, hotel room concepts, film and theatre sets and beyond. Printed in the UK, as well as local territories, our products are designed to please.

As well as our online shop, we welcome bespoke projects irrespective of scope or size. In partnership with you, we are delighted to create something unique to your requirements. In the meantime, please visit our online boutique and shop away.